The price for one of Goldenstar’s companion puppies is $2500.


I hope to be breeding again late fall!  If interested in being considered for my waiting list, please fill out the online questionnaire and submit it.

”The DREAM Litter”  Deacon x Skye  3/30/23

Deacon x Skye first litter of six..  only an hour old!

Skye with her babies

”The PEANUTS Litter”   Bourbon X Jules 5/22/23

Jules with her brand new litter of four. 2M-2F

Getting big… Jules with her babies 2023

Gabi showing Gracie the right way to survey

Jules babies from 2021

Jules babies from 2020

Jules with her babies.  What a great mama!

It’s hard to be so cute and stay awake!

Bourbon x Kaylee produced the  “Lucky Seven Litter” of five girls and two boys on August 31, 2020.  This was Kaylee’s final litter.
Bourbon x Jules produced the “Fly Litter” of six girls and two boys on
July 12, 2020..
Bourbon x Kaylee produced the “Double Shot” litter of four boys on September 24, 2019
Bourbon x Kaylee produced a lovely litter of seven girls and one boy in March 11, 2019.

Toby X Kaylee produced one very special little girl in the “Solo Litter”  Feb. 28, 2018.

Toby X Emmy produced the “Miracle Litter” of two precious boys on December 5, 2018.

Toby x Ruby produced the “Heart Litter” on September 18, 2018, all seven are in there forever homes.

Toby x Emmy produced the “Spring Litter” on April 11, 2017, all seven are in their forever homes.

Toby X Ruby produced the “Running Litter” October 21, 2016, all five are in their forever homes. 
Toby x Emmy produced six precious bundles on May 9, 2016.  
The “Strong Litter”!!    
Emmy and Toby  5/2016
Ruby x Toby – produced one very special little girl on Oct. 23, 2015.  Mia is already spoken for.
Ruby and 1 week and 3 week old Mia
Ruby and Mia at seven  weeks….
Jessie had five pups on June 26, all five are spoken for….
Jessie and her 3M/2F just hours old
Dinner time         Snuggle Time
Jessie was bred to Samson April, 2015. I always  have a waiting list –If interested on getting on my list, please fill out the puppy questionnaire and submit it with all your contact information.
The price for one of Goldenstar’s companion puppies is $1600-$2000.
Samson and Jessie hanging out                           Samson loving his swing
Ruby x Toby and the “Blessings” Litter
Faith, Hope and Love
Born – October 16, 2014
All are spoken for
Ruby with her three girls – 2 wks old
March 20, 2014 —Jessie’s three “Spring” babies arrived.  The two little girls and one boy – Rose, Lilly and  Buddy
Mama and babies are doing great and all are spoken for!!!
 !!!!!More pictures under the Puppies tab!!!!
Ruby with her three little angels.  Named for Charlie’s Angels
Jackie, Kate and Farrah…born 3-11-14
Mama and girls are doing great and are already spoken for.
                     Toby x Ruby sunning….                  Ruby waiting for her three new little ones to arrive
Sorry to say that the Toby x Sara breeding did not take…3/11/14
All the pups from the Toby x Karma litter are in their forever homes as of
Saturday, Jan. 25, 2014 …

Breeding both Ruby and Jessie in January, 2014.

Ruby & Jessie loving the bed…spoiled….You bet!!!
January 9, 2014 Ruby was bred to Toby
January 19, 2014– Jessie was bred to Jack. 
Jessie                                                Jack

Toby x Karma breeding Nov. 2013—all have forever homes….

A repeat litter….see pictures below from the previous breeding.


Four weeks old and so very cute…
Our first real meal….this stuff is GOOD!!!
Lucy x Toby’s babies are here.  Born 4/18/13 – 6 females and 1 male ( all are spoken for)
Tired Mama Lucy with her hour old babies —  pups at 24 hours old.
4/7/13 Jessie & Charlie have been bred .. stay tuned
“Charlie”  Ch Merrigold’s Shine a Light
2/20/13 Lucy & Toby have been bred..stay tuned –
********************************************************************************* +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Toby x Jewell were bred January  19, 2013
If interested in this possible litter contact Faye Skelton at
CH Donglen Face of Love  “Jewell”
it looks like my girls might be coming in soon so stay tuned to other possible great litters
For breeder referral contact: Sue McGavic at
Karma delivered 8 precious babies on April 22, 2012….way to go Karma and Toby!!!!! All are in their forever homes…. 
Mama Karma and her 1 day old babies……
All of the puppies have been spoken for.
Contact for other local breeder referrals.


Toby was bred to Barric’s Goes Cashmere “Karma” February 19, 2012…
stay tuned for a wonderful Toby x Karma litter
Contact Faye Skelton at
Karma & Toby


For other breeder information contact Sue McGavic at for puppy referrals.


Lucy and Toby’s puppies are here…eight little babies born
February 19, 2012.  All have families waiting for them.
Lucy with her four hour old babies….
At vet’s off only an hour old.                   A box full of goldens babies
Four days old                          Five days old..this is the life..
Mama Lucy very comfortable                   Six day olds sleeping
Lucy with her eight….heaven!
For more picture of Lucy and her babies, go to the Puppies Tab!