December, 2018
Emmy, Kaylee, Deacon, Jules, Ruby, Gabi, and Jessie

June 2019
Jessie, Kaylee, Deacon, Jules, Gabi
Emmy and Ruby
After I lost Bobby I stopped our 25 year tradition of having pictures made with Santa as it just got to be too much…
For 20 years we have made the annual trek to our local Feeder’s Supply to help support our local Kentucky Humane Society Pets picture with Santa then we come home and take the family photo.  
Lucy, Allie, Katie, Toby, Ruby and Jessie…….Bobby, Toby, Ruby, Jessie, Allie, Me, Lucy and Katie
Me and Bobby with the kids.  Katie, Lucy, Allie, Toby, Jessie and Ruby 5/2012
Ruby, Jessie and Toby…1st real snow 3/5/12
Christmas 2011
Toby, Ruby, Jessie, Allie, Molly, Lucy and Katie—the whole family Dec 2, 2011
For 19 years we have taken all of our golden kids to have their picture taken with Santa to help raise funds for our local Humane Society…this year our newest addition, Ruby was just 9 weeks old.
Sunday, Oct. 2, 2011  Blessing of the animals at Holy Spirit.
Katie Bug, Jessie, Allie, Lucy, Toby and Molly
Christmas 2009
Teddy, Allie, Lexi, Toby, Lucy
Molly, Katie and Jody
  Me and my girl Roxie…I loved that girl!!!                    Teddy, Roxie, Jody, Allie and Katie Bug  2005
Our precious Maggie T Chick-a-Pee….       she loved her pillows…….
Christmas 2007 – Teddy, Allie, Lucy. Katie, Roxie, Jody, and Molly
Allie, Molly and Lucy
Published in the local C-J as winners of MY PET ROCKS!
Lucy and Grandma Roxie (and Pink Pig)
Melinda with Jody’s Holiday Litter- Allie & littermates
Christmas 2004 – LiveStrong bandanas
Roxie, Katie, Maggie, Jody, Allie, Sunny and Teddy
Bobby and the kids – Christmas 2004
Maggie, Roxie, Allie, Sunny, Teddy, Jody and Katie