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Our annual tradition to help support our local humane society.
Pictures with Santa....
Emmy, Toby, Jessie, Lucy, Ruby and Kaylee


                    2015 Golden Retriever National Catalog Ad
TOBY is a New Grand Champion and takes Best of Breed over eight specials at Purina Farms, Gateway Sporting Dog and Mississippi Valley Kennel Club shows May 28 and 30, 2015!!!!  What an exciting weekend...we are over the moon!!!
!!!!Toby gets invited to the Owner Handled Finals at the 2014 Eukanuba Championships!!!!
He placed in 4th place, top male!!!!
I could not be prouder of this boy!!!
 "TOBY - BEST OF OPPOSITE  at Owner Handled Finals "

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Points Ranking for Golden Retriever (2014)

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No. 1

GCH CH Wylwind Until Saturday

Ruth Wylie



No. 2

GCH CH Wonderland's Sweeter Than Honey

Diane Gank/Vern Gank



No. 3

Liberty's Favorite Dey At Lionswatch

Kathee West/Debbie Koons



No. 4

CH Oak Lane's Gimme Some Lovin' At Goldenstar

Melinda Miller/Robert Miller



Introducing our newest addition
Cassimere's Emerald Gem @ Goldenstar
Already learning to be a beauty queen.....
Took the whole clan for their annual picture with Santa.
Toby, Alllie, Emmy, Lucy, Ruby, Jessie, and Katie
                     TOBY TAKES BEST OF BREED....again at Lebanon, IN, 9-15-13


February 8, 2013 -- Toby is now an AKC Champion too!!!
AM & INT'L Champion Oak Lane's Gimme Some Lovin' At Goldenstar
Our very first champion totally owner/handled to both titles!!!
Toby became an INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION - Dec. 9, 2012
In my first national...what a week, what a moment!!!!!
After winning the Amatuer Owner Handler class, Toby takes RWD.....OMG!!!!!
A beautiful boy with movement and personality plus.
Best of Breed at Lebanon, IN                                            Winners Dog/3 point major Alliquippa, PA
Both happening in October, 2012
August, 2012 - Toby goes RWD at four shows in Muncie, IN
Ruby at White River                                                     Toby at Corydon, WD. BOW and BOS
May 12, 2012, Ruby's first show and she takes Best of Opposite in Sweeps at 7 months of age!!
Then on May 13, Toby takes a second out of twelve in the Open class.  Yahoo!
White River 2012 - Ruby takes BOSS               Toby 2nd in Open out of 12                 
It really did snow this year...Ruby, Jessie and Toby loving it.
Lucy x Toby's eight little ones arrived February 19.  All are doing great and already spoken for.
Pictures on the Puppies page.
Merry Christmas 2011
Toby, Ruby, Jessie, Allie, Molly, Lucy
Katie Bug
After a long flight home, we were both so tired...but I had a new baby just in time for the Holidays!
Our private plane thanks to Paul and Roxy Meers and pilots Don and Keith!
July 27, 2011....sad news today, the breeding of Karma x Toby did not take, so there will be no pups this fall. Contact Sue McGavic at for puppy referrals.
Next breeding Spring 2012...stay tuned...
Toby has been bred to a lovely girl from Evansville, IN 
"Barric's Goes Cashmere"
Stay tuned for Toby x Karma news...
Karma comes to see Toby..isn't she pretty...the breedings have taken we wait...
She's so pretty, I have to close my eyes....really I'm winking....
Toby takes Winner's Dog on Sunday at the Corydon show....way to go Toby!!!!
Sunday, June 5, 2011...a very tough day...
The stresses of being a breeder got worse yesterday. My heart is now breaking too. People just cannot understand what you put into being a good breeder and the toll it can take on you. Today
mine was taken to a higher level as I have never lost one of my babies at almost 3 weeks of age.

Yesterday morning Spice (Yellow) was having a little trouble breathing. She had nursed in the early hours and seemed ok, but it turned quickly. After talking to the vet at 8 AM, I continued to do for her as I was instructed, but by 2 PM she was not better and I was worried....

I got Spice to the vet and had antibiotics and sub-q fluid and came home with hope, although the vet said she was gravely ill with aspirated pneumonia. She was resting and all was well until 6:45…I had been watching her non-stop and noticed she moved her head in an unusual position. I stepped over to right her head and she was gone. I picked her up immediately and she was listless and blood had dropped from her nose. Nothing brought her back… I am just devastated….as she was not the one that had needed extra care. So far LB is eating and thriving, but know they are never out of the woods....breeding is not for the faint of heart.
Not only do I grieve, but the family that will not get their little girl will grieve too.
For more recent puppy pictures click on the Puppies or Upcoming Litters tabs.... 
April 21, 2011 - 15 days shy of his 14th birthday, we lost our precious Teddy Bear.  He is now with is Mama Roxie, sister Jody and all of his other littermates.  Sweet dreams my big boy...I love you!
December 12, 2010 - Jody went to the Rainbow Bridge...we miss her!
!!!Happy 13th Birthday Teddy and 12th Birthday Jody!!!!
May 6, & May 30, 2010
You can tell they are brother and sister...and still walking up to five miles a day.
Teddy and Jody with their kids
Katie, Teddy, Jody, Allie and Lucy
Go to the Puppies tab for more Lucy x Toby pup pictures...5/2010
April 22, 2010...Toby x Lucy's three new little golden bundles arrive...two males and one female.
 Grandma Jody and Mama Lucy...waiting
Lucy and Jody on Lucy's throne (the air mattress)
A special treat for Toby and Lucy
Lucy with her three new little ones just hours old....4/22/10
Four days old...
Five days old, all weighing in at 1 pound 10 ounces
Mama is so comfortable...5 day old male
Lucy totally asleep with one eating.
Nothing more precious...5 days old
After trying and waiting two years the puppies are finally here......
August 31, 2009, Lucy delivered 9 beautiful golden puppies.  Six females and three males.  All are doing fantastic and Lucy is being the best mother!!!
Then September 3, 2009, Allie delivered 10 beautiful golden puppies.  Seven males and three females.  There was no way she was going to let her younger sister out do her!  Allie and babies are doing great, and she is being a very attentive mother.
Allie and Lucy were both just huge, and the final week they had a very tough time finding a place to get comfortable.  While sharing the kitchen floor with them on an air mattress, they both climbed on the mattress with me and relaxed.  That's when they got the mattress and I took the two dog pillows.  I guess I need to buy another air mattress..... it time yet?
 Lucy sleeping after her c-section, while her babies eat and sleep.
Nothing any more precious.....
Hours old baby girl
Lucy was so comfortable she would flip over on her back.  This time little Miss Pink was determined to hold on no matter what.
Nothing like using your brothers for a lift....3 days old
Allie home with her 3 hours old pups
All 10 enjoying a meal while Mama slept
Lucy's nine at 5 days old
Allie resting with her ten...what a great mom.
Lucy with her 9 on 09/09/09...10 days old
A whole box of Lucy's puppies - 10 days old
Allie and her 10 - 09/09/09  6 days old
Mama Allie and babies sleeping - 09/09/09   6 days old
Lucy's babies at three weeks.  Eyes and ears are open and they know me.... 
Lucy and Allie feeding their three week olds...... no meals are missed.



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